What kind of packaging for groceries do you need?

Intelligent packaging for groceries

ScanFresh® is a registrated trademark owned by ScanStore Packaging A/S

Our intelligent packaging solutions, the ScanFresh® sortiment, is the result of a long time development and several tests with productions in OPP og COEX/PE film.
We also produce Paperflex, CPP- and PE bags.

We are specialized in laser perforated film and folio to fresh, dried and prepared fruits and vegetables as well as other kinds of groceries. We can deliver any kind of packaging for groceries.

We deliver sterilized mono films and foils for the food industry.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

ScanStore Packaging offer intelligent packaging solutions adjusted to the season for your fresh fruits and vegetables.
Our perforated film have the effect, so our packaging solutions can extend the shelf life of carrots, potatoes and other root vegetabes with up to eight days and ten days for cherry tomatoes.

Frozen fruits and vegetables

Do you need packaging which will present your frozen fruits and vegetables in a stylish way, and at the same time keep the great taste? We have the solution.

Ready meals

We produce packaging solutions and lidsealing for ready meals with and without peel and sealing.

Dried food

We produce packaging in all sizes and to all needs with both 2 and 3 layers of laminate with and without barriers.

Meat and poultry

Meat and poultry demands packaging which keeps the product fresh. We can handle this with our topsealing film with anti fog for trays of polypropylen.

Fish and shellfish

We produce packaging with 2, 3 and 4 layers of laminate to PP and APET trays, which means our packaging keeps your fish and shellfish fresh and extends the shelf life.