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Intelligent packaging solutions demands know-how

Our many years of experience with developing intelligent packaging solutions and our continues development of new solutions, combined with the ongoing process of educating our employees. This ensures you a packaging solutions of the highest quality.

In our laboratory we test the quality of our packaging solutions and makes sure, they are designed exactly to your needs.

We calculate the OTR value for each product and taking into account that vegetables behave differently depending on what time of year, they are harvested.

Therefore you can be sure that your products will have the longest possible shelf life when you choose our packaging solutions.

We test the quality of our packaging solutions in our laboratorium
Unique lamination in up to 5 layers in OPP, PET, OPA, PE, tinfoil and paper

Unique lamination

ScanStore Packaging laminates in 2, 3 and up to 5 layers.

We do lamination in the following types of film and foil: OPP, PET, OPA, PE, tinfoil and paper.

We are using state of the art productions-equipment for solvent free lamination. We are specialized in sterilization for the food industry.

Perforation to the smallest detail

It is the perforation of the film, which is crucial when it comes to managing the balance between carbon dioxide and oxygen in the packaging. The perforation of the film consists of small holes in the packaging that not necessarily are visible to the naked eye; but for your garanty we always make a cameratests.

The shelf life of the products is determined by the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen inside the packaging, the OTR value.

With our modern equipment, we can customize the packaging solutions to the season for vegetables, regardless of when they are harvested.

Scanstore packaging do perforation to the smallets details
It is the unique lamination and perforation which extends the shelf life

Avoid the waste of food

Every single day we throw out food. It is a waste of resources, and it is a burden on the environment.

At ScanStore Packaging A/S we are engaged in the struggle to reduce the waste of food.
Example giving; we have made a cooperation with the Danish Technological Institute on some research projects on the subject.
You can read some articles on that topic in the overview at the right (Notice: the articles are written in danish)